The prices are ex works, except for different agreement between the parts and are in Euro currency. NOVASOLAR shall have the right, without notice, to do modifications where necessary and this will not cause changes in contracts or orders. The prices are intended to be netto, free from any bank charges that are at buyer’s expense.


The payments of the invoices have to be made according to the stated modalities and they have to be addressed to NOVASOLAR. Interest charges according to the current rate, due to late payment, are at the buyer’s expense. In case of default in paying according to the agreed terms it retains the right to suspend further deliveries.


Any order will be considered effective only after written confirmation by NOVASOLAR s.r.l.’ modifications to the terms of sale must be confirmed in writing by itself.


Delivery will be considered carried out upon delivery to the carrier. The time of delivery is not obliging. Delays give no right to benefit from compensation, penalty and so on, or to cancel the contract. If the buyer don’t collect to time the goods after having received the communication from NOVASOLAR that they are ready, NOVASOLAR is authorized to store the goods at charge and at risk of the Customer and to invoice them as delivered.


NOVASOLAR shall not be responsible for the safety of the merchandise during the transport. The Buyer is expected to verify the good condition of the merchandise and, if that is the case, to claim against the transportation company.


NOVASOLAR guarantees the quality of the employed materials and the good construction of its products. During the period of guarantee NOVASOLAR will refund the products that, after the return, are recognized to be defective owing to inadequate manufacturing; in addition to this, the customer may not claim any other compensation for cost of replacement in case of damages, direct or not, to persons or things, due to such defects. Particular guarantees are in our contract of sale. NOVASOLAR reserves itself the right to debit the Customer with a 30% penalty of the value of the sent back goods if it’s not responsible of the defect. All the products must be installed, become operative and maintained in conformity to the producer’s instructions and according to the regulations if more strict. For all sanitary tanks, the Langelier’s index of the water, measured at the working temperature, must be included between 0 and 0,4.


The restitution of goods can be allowed only after written acceptance by NOVASOLAR. In case of agreed restitution of goods, NOVASOLAR will debit the Customer with the administrative costs equal to the 30% of the value of the invoice. NOVASOLAR will also evaluate further reductions in the value of the returned goods. NOVASOLAR will not accept the restitution of goods after a period of three months from the delivery


The merchandise remains property of NOVASOLAR until the full payment of the amount on the correspondent invoice. Every partial payment will be considered as account.


NOVASOLAR does not accept complaints unless they are submitted in writing and promptly according to the law. Any complaints does not entitle to suspend the payments.


Any dispute originated from NOVASOLAR sales shall be adjudicated and settled exclusively in the court of Italy (Verona).

NOTE – Any derogation from the above mentioned terms of sale are to be submitted in writing and will be restricted to the expressed subject, the other terms of sale will remain as stated.