Highly innovative robotic GLASSTECH treatment for advanced enameling:

  • Internal enameling of uniform thickness with a system of natural fall on rotating element
  • High-temperature furnace of significant capacity for enameling of tanks up to 3000 liters.


  • For best performances, a direct insulation of the tank with direct foaming on steel with casing cages, up to 600 liters in size
  • Besides the size of 800 liters, insulation with soft polyurethane insulation or rigid, separable to facilitate the passing through from the entries of the technical compartments
  • Design and originality of the Sky covering, produced in Italy
  • Seam of the covering “Double Dutch” type to ensure strength and solidity of the zipper opening.



Huge range of accessories for each product:

  • Heat pump
  • Solar heating Systems
  • Tanks

Tank customisation