Company Novasolar


NOVASOLAR is a young company that produces and sells solar collectors, storage tanks and puffer in a wide range of choice, from small to large, high-performance, complete with every component.
NOVASOLAR offers efficient products and solutions, reliable and sustainable.


NOVASOLAR is present as a reference point throughout the Italian territory, offering innovative solutions to satisfy completely every need and a widespread sales service and support.
Quality, comfort and innovation are the basis of NOVASOLAR products.


  • Realization of large installations and of primary importance
  • Wide range of solutions for every need
  • Certifications and international standards of quality and reliability
  • High performance solar collectors even in extreme environments
  • Saving energy with clean and free energy.

How a quality product is made

  • High-tech and high precision workings and the latest hi-tech machines
  • Calendering and single-piece finish
  • Bottoms Dished fixed and welded in a dedicated cabin, with high precision robots
  • Skilled workers with years of experience ensure the welding flanges and
    the junction of the connections to the tank
  • Production of stainless steel AISI 316L tanks in a dedicated area
  • Welding in protective atmosphere of stainless steel bottoms with exchanger to the body of the tank, to ensure an excellent finish
  • Air tests or high quality water for single tank